981 Truchard Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648

                           fon  (916) 543 - 8741      fax  (916) 543 – 8743


                                         TECHNICAL  EXPERT   /   CONSULTANT



Engineering:  chemical, civil, environmental, food, mechanical, mining, petroleum, thermodynamic

Resolving crises: high profile / risk in technical research, development, beta-site or catastrophic situations

Inventing: innovating and initiating new product lines, and discovering basic scientific theories

Managing: problem projects and staff, while communicating with diverse levels, disciplines, and ethic groups

Expert witnessing: investigating technical frauds / hoaxes, analyzing complex technical and market data

Public Speaking: humorous presentations (creativity and science) and serious instructing (technical)



Verified  “crisis problem-solver”  and  “Innovator”:

                                                                                           patents ( 19 U.S., 66 foreign )

                                                                                     scientific theories and discoveries

                                                                                equipment designs  used  worldwide

                                                                Santa Clara Valley Engineering Council Award

                                            corporate “Creative Contribution Award”, seven time winner


Professional  activity:

       Forty (40) years of consulting experience with clients or assignments in

                                                North and South America / Europe / Asia / Australia

                                                                      negotiating, designing and implementing technical resolutions;

       15 of those years as a                                               20 of those years as an independent consultant with

                member of                                                        a client list of 41 while serving as many as 4 at any time

       a “corporate think tank”                                              for periods of up to seven years; an invited lecturer

                                                                     (Engineering Foundation Conferences, S. J. State University,

                                                University of California, Pennsylvania State University),

       with publications / papers ( IFT, ACS, SME, ASAE, ASP, CAP, NASA, et al.).


Exposed  technical  and  scientific  fraud:

1.)     Debunked the “Great Oil Crisis” and advised my OEM clients to maintain minimal drilling inventories, they

   remain viable entities today,  2.) halted my client’s multi-million dollar investment in a spurious “Super Fuel”

   and averted an international embarrassment,  3.) revealed, by creative thermodynamics analysis, fraudulent

   natural gas heating values reporting by a major utility company – saving my client over a  $1,000,000 per year,

   and the general public much more.                                                  4.) – 16.)  confidential


Clients  in  transition

Merged three separate company      Provided technical support / critical        Prepared and implemented a

engineering departments with           documentation / customer confidence    nationwide technical sales program

“problem employees” successfully    for a “to be discontinued” product           for the introduction of foreign

without incident and provided           essential at many environmental             processing equipment resulting in

continual technical support for a       “Super Fund” sites avoiding lawsuits      sales of $ 1,200,000 the first year

myriad of product lines.                    and extended requirements.                   and $ 14,700,000 the second year.




          MS, Chemical Engineering / Geology minor, University of California at Davis, CA (1966).

          BS,  Chemical Engineering / Chemistry and Physics minors, San Jose State University, CA (1964)

Postgraduate Studies:

          Astrophysics and Food Engineering – Microbiology, University of California at Berkeley, CA.

Continuing  Education:

          “Maximizing Profits from Research and Development”,  The Center for Professional Advancement

                             “Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering”,  University of Texas at Austin

                                               “Advanced Coal Preparations”,  Pennsylvania State University

                                                     “Cementaceous Materials”,  University of California at Berkeley

                                                                    “Auto Emissions”,  DeAnza College of Cupertino


                                              EMPLOYERS   and   CLIENT   LISTS


         CLIENT  NO.                                            EMPLOYERS


                 1                           State of California, Division of Highways, Marysville, CA

                 2                           U.S. Army: Fort Ord, CA; Fort Chaffee, AR; Korea; Fort Lewis, WA

                 3                           U.S. Borax, Boron, CA

                 4                           University of California at Davis, Davis, CA

                 5                           NASA contract, UC Davis, Davis, CA


  6                           Kaiser Cement Corp. Permanente, CA

  7                           FMC Corp., Central Engineering Laboratories, Santa Clara, CA



                                                          CORPORATE  (FMC Corp.)  CLIENTS


  8                           Food Processing Machinery, San Jose, CA

  9                           Packaging Machinery, Horsham, PA

10                           Food Machinery Europe, Sint Niklass, Belgium


11                           Food and Pharmaceutical Products, Philadelphia, PA

12                           Agricultural Machinery, Jonesboro, AR

13                           Automotive Service Department, Conway, AR

14                           Materials Handling Equipment, Homer City, PA

15                           Materials Handling Systems, Colmar, PA


16                           Environmental Equipment, Itasca, IL

17                           Mineral Development, Pocatello, ID

18                           Phosphorus Chemicals Division, Newark, CA

19                           Mining Equipment Division, Fairmont, WV

20                           Alkali Chemicals Division, Hollister, CA


21                           Marin and Rail Equipment, Portland, OR

22                           Engineering Systems, Santa Clara, CA

23                           Ordinance Division, San Jose, CA

24                           Vitafreeze, Lakeland, FL

25                           Agriculture Chemical Group, Philadelphia, PA


26                           Marine Colloids, Springfield, NJ

27                           Citrus Machinery Division, Lakeland, FL

28                           Air quality Control Itasca, IL

29                           Construction Equipment International, Bannockburn, IL

30                           Natural Resources Operations, Denver, CO


31                           Fluid Control, Houston, TX

32                           Wellhead Control, Houston, TX

               33                           Specialty Electronics Products, Santa Clara, CA



                       INDEPENDENT  CONSULTANT (Process Technology and Development)  CLIENTS


 34                          Industrial Light and Magic (Lucasfilms), San Rafael, CA

 35                          Magnuson Engineers Inc., San Jose, CA


 36                          Rossi Trading, Parma, Italy

 37                          Filper / Magnuson / Weigh-O-Matic, Reno, NV  (also employer)

               38                          Heat and Control Inc, South San Francisco, CA

                                                                                  Bathgate, Scotland

                                                                                  Brisbane, Australia

               39                          Tri-Valley Growers, Modesto, CA

               40                          ESD-Nesco, San Jose, CA


41                                                  Occidental Chemical Co.

42                                                  Miles Labs

43                                                  Caterpillar Tractor Co.

44                                                  SOHO

45                          Hyland Laboratories, Hyland, CA                  


46                          Campbell Soup Co. Modesto, CA

47                          Du Pont Chemical Co.

48                          San Jose State University, San Jose, CA   (also employer)

49                          Verbatim, Mountain View, CA

50                          SIVA Inc, South San Francisco, CA


               51                          Food Machinery Sales and Service,             , NY

               52                          Savi Engineering, Parma, Italy

               53                          Reid-Ashmann Manufacturing Inc., San Jose, CA

               54                          Calbee, Hiroshima. Japan

               55                          Mike Sells Co., Indianapolis, IN


56                                                   Lamb-Wesson, Wasco, OR

57                                                   ElPo Spa, Parma, Italy

58                                                   Applied Engineering and Design Inc,. San Jose, CA

59                                                   Recyclene Inc., South San Francisco, CA

60                         Fenco Spa, Parma Italy


61                         Optima Technologies Group Inc, San Jose, CA

62                         Ultratech Stepper Inc, San Jose, CA

63                         Pneumatic Products Corp., Orlando FL

64                         Recovery Systems Inc. South San Francisco, CA

65                         Monterey Mushroom Inc., Santa Cruz, CA


66                         Wylie, McBride, Jessinger, Sure, &Platten Corp., San Jose, CA

67                         Purus Inc., San Jose, CA

68                         StoreMedia Inc., Santa Clara, CA

                                                        Tuas, Singapore

               69                         Oliver Design Inc., Scotts Valley, CA

70                         OnTrack Systems Inc., San Jose, CA                      


71                                                   Equilasers, Mountain View, CA

72                                                   Kraft Foods Inc. Northfield, IL

73                                                   Tru-Si, Sunnyvale, CA

74                         Semitech, Milpitas, CA

75 - 87                        Anonymous


                        MATRIX;  consulting duties  for  clients / employers




                             Original works of  AUTHORSHIP  and  DISCOVERIES


PATENTS   ( sole inventor for all except one* )


  1.   Method and apparatus for processing products in flexible containers

                Mar  1970          U.S. Pat. # 3,501,318


  2.   Processing products in flexible containers

                Sept  1970         U.S. Pat. # 3,528,826


  3.   Control of diffusion of gases in pouches

                Dec  1971          U.S. Pat. # 3,625,712


  4.   Control of hydrogen formation in pouches during heat treatment

                Jan  1972           U.S. Pat. # 3,634,099


  5.   Filling method and apparatus

                Mar  1972           U.S. Pat. # 3,650,088


  6.   Method of purging air from containers

                Apr  1972           U.S. Pat. # 3,658,562


  7.   Apparatus for preserving delicate food products

               Oct  1972            U.S. Pat. # 3,699,875


  8.   Cooking and freezing products in flexible containers

              Nov  1972            U.S. Pat. # 3,704,139


  9.   Keying grip clamp for holding a thin flexible article

              Oct  1973             U.S. Pat. # 3,763,524


             10.   Package sealing in steam atmosphere

              Aug  1974             U.S. Pat. # 3,830,681


             11.   Package sealing in steam atmosphere

              Nov  1974             U.S. Pat. # 3,845,606


12.   Method and apparatus for assorting particles according to the physical characteristics thereof

              Sept  1975            U.S. Pat. # 3,904,517


13.   Method and apparatus for assorting particles according to the physical characteristics thereof

              Mar  1976             U.S. Pat. # 3,945,915


14.   Fluid displacement of noncondensible gas from voids in products

              Mar  1977             U.S. Pat. # 4,014,153


15.   Method and apparatus for purging air from containers *

              Apr  1977             U.S. Pat. # 4, 016,705


16.   Air-free pouch packaging method

              Jun  1977             U.S. Pat. # 4,027,456


17.   Method and apparatus for dewatering slurries of coal and the like

              Mar  1982              U.S. Pat. # 4,330,413


18.   Method and apparatus for removing rot from potatoes

              July  1983              U.S. Pat. # 4,394,398


19.      Method for continuous synthesis of sucrose fatty-acid esters

             Feb  1999                U. S. Pat. # 5,872,345




through                 Foreign Patents




INVENTION  DISCLOSURES     ( sole inventor in all except one )

                                        [ peer reviewed by both technical and legal staffs ]



                   through           confidential,  archived as intellectual property, CEL / FMC Corp.




INDUSTRIAL  IMPROVEMENTS  ( sole inventor of all )


1.       “Process reconfiguration”, advanced product from pilot plant to industrial production of, ethylene

Glycol di-borate ( gasoline additive ).  U. S. Borax.



2.       “World’s Largest Calorimeter”, exposed fraudulent activity of major natural gas supplier,  Kaiser

Cement Co,



3.       “Nugget Former”, a meat extruder to form pizza toppings.  Heat and Control Inc.



4.       “Kleenheat”, a thermodynamically optimized shaped pollution control heat exchanger for cooking

      oils.  Worldwide installations by Heat and Control Inc.



5.       “Anti-Vapor lock Device”, prevents volatiles hindering continuous flow in centrifugal pumps.  Cornell

Pump Inc.




Original works of  AUTHORSHIP  ( sole author of all )



 1.     “Congruous Processing of Flexible Packages”                    

        University of California at Berkeley Extension – Innovation in Food Engineering,  Berkeley, California

         Mar  1970


2.         “The All Disposable Sterile Pouch”

 University of California at Davis – Western Food Processing Industry Conference,  Davis, California

 Mar  1972


3.     “A hypothesis for the Death Mechanism of Microorganism endospores”

 34th Annual Institute of Food Technologists Meeting,  New Orleans, Louisiana

       May  1974


4.     “High Pressure Sterilization”

 34th Annual Institute of Food Technologists Meeting,  New Orleans, Louisiana

        May  1974


5.      “FMC Dry Coal Table”

 Engineering Foundation Conferences,  Keene, New Hampshire

 Aug 1974


6.     “A Dry Coarse coal Table”

        Pennsylvania State University Extension – Advanced Short Course on Coal Preparation,

        University Park, Pennsylvania

 Dec 1975


7.     “Auto-genetic Cleaning of Coal”

 105th American Institute of Mining Engineers Annual Meeting,  Las Vegas, Nevada

 Feb  1976


8.     “Dry Table – Pyrite Removal from Coal”

 American Chemical Society 173rd National Meeting,  New Orleans, Louisiana

 Mar  1977

        “Coal Desulphurization” – Chapter 8

 ACS Symposium Series 64, Washington, D. of C., 1977


9.      “Performance of FMC Dry Cleaning Device”

 Society of Metallurgical Engineers – American Institute of Mining Engineers National Fall Meeting,

 St. Louis, Missouri

        Oct  1977


10.    “Theoretical Problems in Pouch Processing”

  American Society of Agricultural Engineers Winter Meeting,  Chicago, Illinois

  Dec  1980


11.    “Another Cosmological Redshift Theory”

         96th Annual Meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, UC at Santa Cruz, California

         Jul   1984

         Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

         Oct  1984


12.    “Thermodynamic Redshift: The Tired Light Theory”

   98th Annual Meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

  Jul    1986

  Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

  Nov  1986


13.    “No MISSING MASS and a CLOSED (flat) universe”

         Joint Meeting of the 100th Annual Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the Royal Astronomical Society of

         Canada, and the Western Amateur Astronomers, University of Victoria, Dominion Astrophysical

         Observatory, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

         Jun  1988


14.    “Local Circumstellar Shell Paradigm”

         Centennial Meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, UC at Berkeley, California

         Jun  1989

         Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

         Oct  1989


15.    “Graviton Quantization ( Quantumization ) via Cosmological Observation”

         Gravitation: a Banff Summer Institute, Banff, Alberta, Canada

         Aug  1990

         “GRAVITATION – A Banff Summer Institute”

         R. Mann and P. Wesson eds., Scientific World, Singapore, 1991, p. 121 – 134.


16.    “Resolving the 300 year old Newtonian Dilemma”

         Relativistic Astrophysics and Particle Cosmology TEXAS / PASCO 92, UC at Berkeley, California

         Dec  1992


17.    “2.73 degrees K, Cosmic Microwave Background or Circumstellar Shell ( Foreground ) ?”

         Relativistic Astrophysics and Particle Cosmology TEXAS / PASCO 92, UC at Berkeley, California

         Dec  1992


18.    “Evidence of a Circumstellar Shell”

         106th Annual Meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Lowell Observatory / Northern Arizona

         University, Flagstaff, Arizona

         Jun  1994


19.   “Time to Gather and Burn”

  107th Annual Meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, University of Maryland, College Park,


  Jun  1995


20.    “The Dust Bin, Oort Cloud Morphology”

         Joint Meeting of the 108th Annual of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and NASA Headquarters, and

         NASA Ames Research Center, Santa Clara County Convention Center, Santa Clara, California

         Jun 1996

         “From Stardust to Planetesimals”, Scientific Symposium Program and Abstract Book (companion

         to NASA Conference Publication 3343), compiled by G. C. Sloan, Ames Research Center, Moffett

         Field, California



21.    “Massive Solar Shell; Material Source for Oort Cloud Comets, Planetary Oceans and Life Chemicals”

         112th Annual Meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena,


         Jul  2000


22.    “Abusing Einstein’s Blunder”

         Astrocon 2000, 54th Annual Convention of the Astronomical League, Holiday Inn Conference

         Center, Ventura, California

         Jul  2000


23.    “A Different look at landfill”

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         19  Sept  2002


24.    “Touring the landfill with Don”

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         03  Oct  2002


25.    “Ancestry of convenience”

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         12  Dec  2002


26.    “I apologize in advance”

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         30  Jan  2003


27.    “Robin Hood Syndrome”

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         20   Feb  2003


28.    “Apricot stump capital”

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         03  Apr  2003


29.    “So, What’s the Angle ?”

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         29  April  2003


30.    “ ‘A’ is for Assessor”

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         03  Jun  2003


31.    “The important role of ‘goof-ups’”

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         26  Jun  2003


32.    “Desperately needing an escape”

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         31  Jul  2003


33.    “A history of California’s governors”

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         04  Sept  2003


34.    Independent Republic of Alta California

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         11  Sept  2003


35.    “Happy days, nostalgic school days”

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         15  Nov  2003


36.    “Merry happy joyous greetings”

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         20  Dec  2003


37.    “My way for the non-free freeway”

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         24  Jan  2004


38.    “Landmark ‘Stanislaus Decision’”

         Community Columnist, The Patterson Irrigator, Patterson, California

         21  Feb  2004


39.    “The Four Heresies”

         Astrocon 2004, Joint Annual Meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Astronomical League,

         American Association of Variable Star Observers, and the Association of lunar and Planetary Observers,

         Berkeley Marina Conference Center, Berkeley, California

         Jul  2004


40.    “Emergence of Neo-Astrologers”

         Astrocon 2004, Joint Annual Meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Astronomical League,

         American Association of Variable Star Observers, and the Association of lunar and Planetary Observers,

         Berkeley Marina Conference Center, Berkeley, California

         Jul  2004


41.    “EPP 2010 and Critical Flaws”

         The National Academies / Board on Physics and Astronomy, The International Linear Collider Workshop,

         Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Palo AltoCalifornia

         Mar  2005


42.    “Beyond Piltdown Man”

         COSMO 2006 Conference – Particle Physics and the Early Universe, Granlibakken Resort, Lake Tahoe,


         Nov  2006


43.    “’Stay the Course’ Cosmology ?”

         A Century of Cosmology; Past, Present, and Future.  Centro Congressi, San Servolo Island, Venice, Italy

         Aug  2007




                                ( sole investigator )


1.        “Argon as inert carrier gas”

Replaced the standard Helium carrier gas practice in chromatography when analyzing packaged food stuff.



2.        “Comparative Three-Point Base Theory”

       For forecasting segregation quality in dynamic particle beds according to .particle size, density, shape,

       and particle bed kinetic energy level.



3.        “Twelfth-Order Hydronium and Hydroxyl Theory”

       Determination of microorganism endospores death mechanism (and chemical kinetics) for the full range of

       food pasteurizing and sterilization methods.



  4.    “Maximum Surface Moisture in Freely Drained Beds”

         Determination method for estimating overall bed moisture content based on bed depth and particle size




  5.     “Thermodynamic Redshift, (Photon Decay)”

          Photons lose their energy by the gravitational radiation effect.  From the observed energy loss data of

          binary pulsar PSR 1913 + 16, the photon energy decay rate is calculated to be 2.45 . 10-18 per sec.,

          this is the equivalent to 75.6 km/sec/Mpc, the cosmological redshift value.  NO expanding space.    



  6.    “The 2.73 degree Kelvin solar Circumstellar Shell”

         The Sun centered spherical thin shell has the diameter of 64,600 AU (about one light year), a mass of 0.16

         solar masses, and is composed of non orbiting small dust (mostly ices) particles.  The thin (less than one

         AU thickness) sparsely populated (extinction magnitude of 0.25) shell is position stabilized by gravitation

         and radiation pressure from the Sun, the solar neighborhood and itself.  The ice (carbon dioxide, water,

         methane, and ammonia) rich dust is coated with one or two layers of metallic hydrogen (deuterium

         enriched) and thermodynamically radiates a 2.73 oK monopole with a 0.003.4 oK dipole bias from the

         solar neighborhood stellar radiation differential.  Quadrupole and octopole biases of lower biased

         temperatures are cause by the ecliptic disc dust and shadow, the Gould Belt, and the galactic tide .



    7.  a.    ‘Quantum Law of Gravity for Cosmological Distances”


                                                   F / m  =  G (r) . M / r 2  = G (e - r(H / c)) . M / r2


                 This derivation is based on three requirements: adhering to the laws of thermodynamics, the universe

                 of rational solutions and a quantum compatibility.  The Gravitation constant G is a function of the

                 distance from the mass M by the inverse exponential amount e  r( H / C ) where r is that distance, H is

                  the Hubble Constant (photon decay rate) and c is the speed of gravity.


b.    ” The Speed of Gravity is ‘c’ ”    

       c” is the speed of gravity, not light.  Light can attain the speed of gravity in “empty space”.  No

       mass/energy can outrace its own gravitational field.  H” (the energy loss rate of photons while

       traveling at the speed of gravity in “empty space”) and “c’ are physical parameters of the gravitational



c.    “Universe’s Mean positive mass density”   

       Derivation of the Quantum Law of Gravity and a determined H (photon decay, Hubble Constant) value

       predicts a mean mass density that is 0.104, or 5/48, of the presently accepted standard model (Big

       Bang) value.  This correlates well with the observed value of approximately 0.1, thereby negating the

       need for exotic dark matter of dark energy.       Mean Mass Density  =  1.12 . 10 -30  gm/cm 3  


d.    “Graviton”    (electro-Graviton: Qeg+ and Qeg-, 2007)


                              meg = - Ho . h/c2 = - 1.63 . 10 – 33 eV  = - 2.91 . 10 – 66 gm  = - 3.19 . 10 – 39 me


               The “Quantum Law of Gravity” is of a Yukawa potential form where the field has mass.  In this case,

               the gravitational field is made up of an astronomical number of astronomically small negative

               mass/energy quanta which are astronomically large in size, reg =  8.6 billion light years, with a

               universal mean space density count (made up of equal quantities of negatively and positively charged

               quanta)  of 4 . 1035 ct/cm3, or a mass density of - 1.12. 10-30gm/cm3 (matching the numerical value of

               the universe’s positive mass/energy density, but negative).


e.        “ NO gravitational radiation waves”



 f.    “ Resolution of Newtonian Infinite Potential Dilemma”      



8.   a.    “Source of Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRB)”

             Approximately one fifth of the Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays (UHECR) traveling towards the inner

             solar system strike the Circumstellar Shell dust (ice) particles to produce a gamma-ray shower.

             Some of the high energy gamma-rays produced would strike other shell dust particles to create a

             secondary shower (even multiple showers could occur), and the widely scattered dust particles have a

             large range of sizes.  This process causes many different GRB patterns to be observed, as was

            confirmed by the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory.


      b.    “ Source of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays (UHECR)”




9.    “Annihilating ( Contracting Steady State ) Universe”



 10.   a.    “Unification of Forces at Ordinary Temperatures in Normal Space at all Times”



         b.    “Primary Electric Constant Variation over Great Distances”



         c.     “Resolution of Physics’ Enormous Vacuum Energy Value Dilemma”

        2004 – 2007