Nov  2007   Thailand (Siam)                                         x

            temples,  temples, and more  temples


Nov  2007   “The Golden Triangle”                             x

x                                      Burma ( India ),  Laos ( Indo-China ),  Thailand ( Siam )



Sep  2007   Alaska’s  Inland  Passage  -                       x

Italy’s  Inland  Passage XXXX

you go your way,  I’ll go my way




Dec  2006   Piranha Fishing in the Amazon                 x

X    and walking the rain forest canopy


Dec  2006   A Dip in Lake Titicaca                               x

X   and floating islands at 13,000 feet


Dec  2006   Incan Empire                                              x

                                                  Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, astronomy observatories


Dec  2006   Modern Peru                                               x

                                        churches, parks, the rich, the poor and much more




Jul  2006   Soviet Block Today                                    x

                                        Russia, Estonia, Deutschland Democratic Republic


Jul  2006   Lands of the Horizontal Sun                     x

                   Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland



Dec  2005   Jordan                                                        x

the lost City of Petra               x


Dec  2005   Ancient  Egypt                                           x

Land of the Pharaohs              x


Dec  2005   Modern Egypt                                            x

life in the pyramids’ shadows




Apr  2005   Moscow                                                      x

x          Bolshoi Ballet,  Circus  and Bulshitski


Apr  2005   Upper  Volga                                             x

x                    ice breaker,  churches  and  political rallies


Apr  2005   Lower  Volga                                             x

x       Steppes,  steps  and  Mother  Russia




Nov  2004   Eastern China                                           x

x                               Great Wall,  Forbidden City,  and  Opera ( ouch )


Nov  2004   Middle China                                            x

x                                       Yangtze River, Terra Cotta Warriors and Hong Kong




Jul  2004   Transylvania                                               x

Dracula’s  true story              x


Jul  2004   Danube River                                              x

x                    from  Esztergom ( Hungary ) to the  Black Sea




Mar  2003   Cape  Horn  and Patagonia                     x

x                  in  route  from  Santiago  to  Buenos Aiers




Dec  2001   Pacific  Islands                                           x

Hawaii  and  French Polynesia




Sep  2000   Guy Trip to Central Europe                    x

x                                   Museums  (military, trains, industry)  and  Auschwitz




Apr  2000   New  Zealand  I                                         x

places  and  things                  x


Apr  2000   New  Zealand  II                                       x

flora  and  fauna                     x




Mar  1999   Asian  Equator                                         x

x           Singapore,  Malaysia,  and  Indonesia




Dec  1997   Holy  Lands  during  Winter  Solstice     x

x                    Mohammed,  Jesus,  Zeus,  Moses,  and  Ra